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Alfreda Pip

Lord Of The Rings Silhouette Picture Light Box

Loved doing this frame which I started after a failed attempt at a wedding frame. My Son and Daughter both didn’t like the simplicity of it and advised me to do something I know and mix it with the wedding theme. So off I went to local craft shop for a new frame. I had only days to make this a special wedding present. I started coming up with ideas and the Lord of the Rings Frame was formed in my head on how I would design it. My Son offered to do a map and said it was easy and would only take him a weekend (Famous last words as they say). After much research, hair pulling rants and changes and even putting names in the wrong places, our version was devised and now we are still making changes. The original did go off as a wedding present and so I was told really liked. We have also designed the grass and the towers. I hope you like the new addition and there are more in the making and more new lands.


Lord of the Rings Towers

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