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Alfreda Pip

Shabby Chic Peg Dolls

We all love the Nostalgia of Peg dolls and who wouldn’t when you can make them as pretty as you want to.  Children over the decades have played with these but they are becoming less common in the age of computers and phones to entertain us.  Peg dolls were said to originate from Denmark (Yes I’ve done my homework) in the 19th century but I’ve also found other sources dating back to 18th Century. I’m sure that there would have been something similar earlier than this.  Originally they were made from Clay, Twigs and other various household items as time progressed they became the good old Peg.  People were very poor so these would have been made to entertain children for them to dress in scraps of fabric, leaves or as in Victorian time’s trinkets if you were rich enough.


I have bought some back to life over the recent months mainly to be displayed.  I have made them to be hung and who wouldn’t like one hung on their bedpost just like a dream catcher giving dreams of castles and Princesses.  Some I have given that bit of sparkle with Christmas coming.  I hope you like them as I do.  You can purchase these at the moment on my website and hopefully if you take care of them they can be passed down through the generations there’s nothing like looking back at History.

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