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Lord Of The Rings Silhouette Picture Light Box

Loved doing this frame which I started after a failed attempt at a wedding frame. My Son and Daughter both didn’t like the simplicity of it and advised me to do something I know and mix it with the wedding theme. So off I went to local craft shop for a new frame. I had only days to make this a special wedding present. I started coming up with ideas and the Lord of the Rings Frame was formed in my head on how I would design it. My Son offered to do a map and said it was easy and would only take him a weekend (Famous last words as they say). After much research, hair pulling rants and changes and even putting names in the wrong places, our version was devised and now we are still making changes. The original did go off as a wedding present and so I was told really liked. We have also designed the grass and the towers. I hope you like the new addition and there are more in the making and more new lands.


Lord of the Rings Towers

A Little Bit Of Magic

Charlotte the youngest of my grandchildren. I made her this little fairy jar when she asked if she could have one too. Charlotte's mum captured her making a wish.  Children believe such a lot when they are so young and everything is so real and magical.

Little Bo-Peep

I have just completed an Enchanted Land today something I have not done in a while. This time I thought I would go along the lines of a very old Nursery Rhyme Little Bo- Peep. So the little delightful Fairy baby has been dressed to depict Bo-Peep. I have made her crook from some wool I had left and give her some sheep.


This verse was taught to me as a child and passed down to my two children. When my granddaughter asked me who she was and I explained she did not have a clue, which is quite sad.


The first recorded verse was 1805 and there were other verses added later but I personally only know the most common.


Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep, 

And doesn’t know where to find them,

Leave them alone and they’ll come home,

Wagging their tails behind them.


She is for sale on my Store and if I ever make another she will always be an original in the way she is dressed and presented.

Shabby Chic Peg Dolls

We all love the Nostalgia of Peg dolls and who wouldn’t when you can make them as pretty as you want to.  Children over the decades have played with these but they are becoming less common in the age of computers and phones to entertain us.  Peg dolls were said to originate from Denmark (Yes I’ve done my homework) in the 19th century but I’ve also found other sources dating back to 18th Century. I’m sure that there would have been something similar earlier than this.  Originally they were made from Clay, Twigs and other various household items as time progressed they became the good old Peg.  People were very poor so these would have been made to entertain children for them to dress in scraps of fabric, leaves or as in Victorian time’s trinkets if you were rich enough.


I have bought some back to life over the recent months mainly to be displayed.  I have made them to be hung and who wouldn’t like one hung on their bedpost just like a dream catcher giving dreams of castles and Princesses.  Some I have given that bit of sparkle with Christmas coming.  I hope you like them as I do.  You can purchase these at the moment on my website and hopefully if you take care of them they can be passed down through the generations there’s nothing like looking back at History.

Autumn Fairy Walk

Well today went for a lovely walk In the woods. There was lots of little bits to make comfy homes for the little fairy's to come in from the cold.  Also found some little hats and wings that had been blown away in the wind.  Might keep them in the lost property box!!